“Activating Authenticity means getting a personal development tune-up to recharge your life.
It’s remembering the authentic dimensions of your life that might have gotten lost along your journey.
When you Activate your Authenticity, you turn yourself on to a new frequency, new energy, a new way to experience life.
It’s Inspiring. It’s Insightful. It’s Authentic.

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ROA, Return on Authenticity, Bonds Teams, Increases Engagement, Improves Retention, Raises ROI

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Norma shares Practical Wisdom for Activating Authenticity in Individuals and Organizations

The Norma Hollis family of companies is based on The Norma Hollis Authenticize ProcessTM, and represented by The Authenticity Grid.

The Authenticity Grid is the result of Dr. Norma Hollis’ 30+ years of research into human nature. This nine-dimension grid is a powerful self-awareness tool that helps people and organizations understand the energy that flows within.

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