Imagine a world where everyone in your organization has clarity about the company message and can clearly share this through their words and actions!

Corporate Training, Development and Coaching

Norma has multiple programs for corporate organizations to enhance teams and culture. Each of her programs begin with an assessment then challenges the thinking by having participants look at themselves from a variety of perspectives.

In addition to the individual Authenticity Grid and Authenticity Assessment, Norma’s focus is also on the following:

  • Authentic Inclusion – a Dignity Grid with a new perspective to understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through the eyes of our sub-conscious mind.
  • Engagement and impact to promote communication, respect, and trust among team members.
  • Sales Energy – Focusing on post Coronavirus energy shifts needed to close more sales
  • Corporate Culture – Examines the perspectives of team members as relates to the personality and commitment level of the organization as a whole

Each program enhances collaboration and cooperation and gives the team new perspectives and language that propel the team to a spirit of healthy collaboration.

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Authentic Change
starts from within


Return On Authenticity


Every organization is concerned about its ROI.

The most profound opportunity to impact your ROI is to create an environment where ROA is high. 

ROA is the sum total of the energies that fuel your organization.

It’s the people, the places, the processes, the productions and more. 

As an organization grows, it can be hard to ensure that all the parts are integrated. 

ROA brings them together by strengthening teams, increasing engagement and improving retention.

Authenticity Awareness Training

Authenticity and authentic leadership impacts ROI, by strengthening teams, increasing engagement both internally and with your customers and by improving retention. 

Authenticity Awareness Training is an introductory 2 hour program for key leadership personnel. They will be introduced to The Authenticity Grid, undertake an Authenticity Assessment and learn how authenticity impacts their leadership and ultimately, the bottom line. 

Key Outcomes 

  1. Helps senior members discover the energetic dynamics of the team. 
  2. Identifies where modifications in position, focus, planning, communication, and actions may lead to greater success. 
  3. Increases self-understanding and understanding of team members and these lead to increased engagement and collaborative behaviors. 

By understanding the individual energies of each team member and evaluating the team energy as a whole, gaps can be identified and programs can be introduced to create greater balance that leads to increased engagement and sales. 

For more information contact Jay Thompson, Corporate Development Liaison.

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Authenticity Audit


The Norma Hollis team will guide your department through the Authenticity Assessment in this 90 minute presentation.

Key Outcomes 

  1. Reveals the strengths and gaps of authenticity within a department/division of a company or the company as a whole. 
  2. Identifies what type of training is needed to balance the energy and productivity of the group.      
    1. Training will be proposed that will generate greater engagement to increase teamwork. 
    2. Specifically we are assessing whether training/balance is needed in: 
      • Employee inclusion 
      • Organizational development 
      • Community outreach 
      • Thinking/planning 
      • Communication 
      • Performance 
  3. Increases self-understanding and expands awareness of the importance of understanding team members. These lead to increased engagement and collaborative behaviors. 

By looking at the team as a whole, strengths and gaps can be identified and a plan can be created to increase engagement. 

For more information contact Jay Thompson, Corporate Development Liaison. 

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