Discover your Authenticity with Norma Hollis

Discover your Authenticity with Norma Hollis


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What do we mean by “Authenticity”?

Authenticity refers to embracing truth.

It’s about accepting your true self, regardless of society’s response. When you are authentic you are comfortable in your skin, empowered by your gifts and talents, and confident that your truth will lead you down your destined path.

Being authentic is harder than it seems, especially when you feel weighed down like an anchor with the burden of expectations that others place on you.

Other people have a tendency to displace their broken dreams, loss of hope, and lack of humanity onto you to block out the spark you have inside.

Don’t let them! Even when they go as far as prying your gift from your hands and replacing it with the tools of the rat wheel that have become commonplace. When you accept their design for your life you lose your authentic self and become someone else.

Isn’t it time you embrace your authentic truth?



During her 30 years of research into human nature, Norma discovered that as people lost their Authenticity, they would replace it with fake masks and live an unfulfilling and unhappy life.

When you cast away your natural gifts and talents, you inevitably lose the very spark that makes you unique, that gives you a reason to enjoy life to the fullest.

In the long run, when you follow society’s direction there is a good likelihood that you will end up lost with little inspiration to keep you going.

That is something that Norma wants to prevent.

To help others increase their self-awareness and break away from the unfulfillment of their lives, Norma created the Authenticity Grid which is the foundation for multiple programs she has created for human development.

Norma now offers coaching, training, speaking and certification programs that guide individuals and organizations to authenticity.

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Meet Norma Hollis

Norma Hollis is an International speaker, Executive coach, Authenticity expert, Change agent and Former owner of a speaker bureau.

She is also the author of Blueprint for Engagement: Authentic Leadership, Ten Steps to Authenticity and The Process to Become a Professional Speaker, as well as multiple online classes and programs designed to help people rediscover their authentic self.

Norma discovered her Authenticity when she was 28.

She had done everything her parents and society had asked of her; she got married, a teaching job, cars, house and money in the bank.

On the outside, she had all the makings of what society believed would make a content and happy individual.

But on the inside, she was miserable. While Norma became her parents’ version of who they thought she should be, she realized she didn’t know who she truly was.

This started her on a 30-year quest of self-discovery.
Fast forward to today, Norma operates a successful coaching company and integrates her experiences into products and services that help you live a more authentic life and teach others to do the same.

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Success Stories

I recommend Norma as a person who can connect with all walks of life. Someone who can inspire even the most stubborn minds to look inside themselves to better their lives and those around them.


Norma’s eloquence in delivery, her respect for diversity of her audience, and her use of her own experience to tell a story that is linked to the key learning of her messages was so well received.

The time spend this morning in self-reflection and exploration of our authenticity has created a “buzz” within our County team. We all walked away more aware of ourselves and focused on how to leverage our individual gifts to strengthen our inner, outer, and expressive voice! Very powerful and moving morning!


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Les Brown!

Learn about being your authentic self in this conversation between Les Brown and Norma Hollis.

Authentic people are more aware of themselves and this gives them a strong foundation for a dynamic life.