Authentic Change starts from within

Authentic Change
starts from within


In life, everyone needs a little push. A little encouragement to move on from the past or start something new. But what if you could get that encouragement on a regular basis?

What if a coach could truly understand the authentic you and know what you need to excel in your personal and professional life? What if the life you've wanted could be triggered by tweaking one small thing?

With 30 years' experience and research in human nature, Norma Hollis has unlocked the key to helping others successfully alter their lives and transition out of the behaviors that restricted them their growth.

Whether you wish to become an authentic leader who inspires their peers, build your team, or simply want to make a change in your career, relationships or other transitions, Norma Hollis will take you under her guidance and show you the path to your destination.

Executive Coaching

As an Executive Coach, Norma helps people through behavioral change that begins with new perspectives about life and self. Her coaching services are offered to individuals who want to:

  • Enhance their Authenticity through greater clarity about their authentic self, development of their authentic voice and/or living an authentic life
  • Make a difference in the world as a Change Agent to impact one or more segments of society
  • Understand and expand Spiritual Consciousness to embrace deeper purpose

Each route leads to greater clarity, confidence, and courage to live your truth.

Coaching requires a 3 – 12-month commitment for individual or group programs.

Norma guarantees that you will transform when you work with her. You will meet a new person within yourself who has been waiting for you to give them life.

Let Norma help you transform to your new life!

Schedule a complimentary conversation with Norma and discover how she can make a big difference in your life!

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What People Say About Norma

Norma is an incredibly bold and kind woman who somehow knows how to always ask the most perfect question at exactly the right time.

She’s good for laughs and has this magical way of making people feel comfortable stepping outside their comfort zone. She is full of heart and soul, charisma and joy. She makes us smile.

Jenn Mansell: – World Business and Executive Coaches Summit (WBECS) Team

What Norma addresses is what every leader needs to pay attention to. You can’t lead if you don’t know yourself.


Norma’s eloquence in delivery, her respect for diversity of her audience, and her use of her own experience to tell a story that is linked to the key learning of her messages was so well received.

The time spend this morning in self-reflection and exploration of our authenticity has created a “buzz” within our County team. We all walked away more aware of ourselves and focused on how to leverage our individual gifts to strengthen our inner, outer, and expressive voice! Very powerful and moving morning!