Norma Hollis transforms people’s lives,
one mask at a time

Norma Hollis transforms people’s lives,
one mask at a time


Norma Hollis is a Master Change Catalyst who writes programs for human development. She spent 30 years researching human nature from personal, professional and spiritual perspectives, which led her to create her platform program, Authenticize.

As an International Board-certified executive coach, speaker and Authenticity expert, Norma has helped many coaches, speakers and leaders move from autopilot to meaningful purpose in life and business without losing their Authenticity.

Not only has Norma helped people remove their masks and reconnect with their natural talents, but Norma’s philosophy also involves encouraging both individuals and organizations to tweak one thing in their life/business to better understand and get in alignment with their Authenticity.


In her first career as a director of child development programs, Norma created early intervention programs and operated them in two states. Her program identified the potential challenges children would encounter by not using their natural gifts and talents. This, along with her degree in child and family life sciences gave her a chance to understand human nature.

In her second career as the first Black woman to own a speaker bureau, she booked speakers for events around the country, learned how to become an entrepreneur and developed certification programs for speakers to accelerate their success. Through this 14-year journey, she learned that there are many rungs to the ladder of becoming a successful professional speaker.

Now, in her third career, Norma operates a coaching company that teaches people to be more authentic; certifies teachers, trainers, facilitators, coaches and speakers in her Authenticize process so that they can share it with individuals and organizations; and mentors people who see themselves as Change Agents.

Having searched but unable to find a segment in society that teaches self-awareness, Norma recognized this gap and sought to fill it by teaching people what she learned.


Norma sees things differently than others largely because she has had to overcome multiple obstacles in her life; at the age of eight, she developed a perforated eardrum that caused her traumatic pain for two solid years, 55 years of recurring ear infections and oral antibiotics for 40 years.

She has had a total of 13 surgeries. She has also had to deal with the murder and decapitation of her husband. Despite the trauma she has faced in life, Norma transformed herself through her journey to Authenticity by focusing on “listening” to herself from multiple perspectives and feeling the energies within.

The work Norma has done with Authenticity has been extraordinary. People leave her presence with great enthusiasm and focus. She impacts and transforms others as they watch and listen. Many people have come to her, decades after hearing her speak and tell her how their lives have changed because of her.

Whether it’s through her books, poetry, classes, videos and especially when she coaches or speaks on stage, Norma is naturally gifted at working with energy in a creative, intellectual way.

Her ultimate goal is to share this phenomenal system with as many segments of society as possible while certifying others to do the same.

What People Say About Norma

Norma’s eloquence in delivery, her respect for diversity of her audience, and her use of her own experience to tell a story that is linked to the key learning of her messages was so well received.

The time spend this morning in self-reflection and exploration of our authenticity has created a “buzz” within our County team. We all walked away more aware of ourselves and focused on how to leverage our individual gifts to strengthen our inner, outer, and expressive voice! Very powerful and moving morning!


What Norma addresses is what every leader needs to pay attention to. You can’t lead if you don’t know yourself.


Norma is an incredibly bold and kind woman who somehow knows how to always ask the most perfect question at exactly the right time.

She’s good for laughs and has this magical way of making people feel comfortable stepping outside their comfort zone. She is full of heart and soul, charisma and joy. She makes us smile.

Jenn Mansell: – World Business and Executive Coaches Summit (WBECS) Team

Self-awareness is important to me. The older I get the more I want to understand why I do the things I do. Having a guideline like this will help me to continuously evaluate any joy status.

Vernon Solomon, Mechanical Engineer, Northrup Grumman Corporation

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