What if you could truly understand the authentic you and know what you need to excel in your personal and professional life? What if the life you've wanted could be triggered by tweaking one small thing? 

Whether you wish to become an authentic leader who inspires their peers, build your team, or simply want to make a change in your career, relationships or just change your life, Dr. Norma Hollis will take you under her guidance and show you the path to your purpose.

Dr. Norma Hollis and her team will take you under their guidance.

Here’s How I Can Help You

My work is about Coaching, Speaking and Teaching YOU about YOU
so YOU can be a better person, a better leader, and a more effective change agent.

Authenticity Coaching

Coach you to live a happier, more meaningful, profitable and authentic life. There are certain key aspects of people who live with authenticity. Let me be your coach to help you find your authentic self, share your authentic voice and live your authentic life. It’s time you Meet With Norma. You will love the transformation!

Business Advisor

Advise you on starting or expanding a coaching or speaking business, especially if you create programs and want to turn them into online courses or certify others to teach them. If you are contemplating or ready to take action to leave a corporate job and start a business sharing your wisdom, then you need to Meet With Norma.

Speaker and Trainer

Speak at your Workplace Authenticity, Women or Early Childhood retreat or event. Norma is passionate about making a difference in the world. In her dynamic and inspiring presentations she shares special knowledge about strategies to build engagement within the workplace, the massive power of womankind and staff development in early childhood programs. Meet With Norma to discuss how she can impact your team.

Certification Programs

Certify you to deliver The Norma Hollis Authenticize Process™. The Norma Hollis Authenticize Process™ is the foundation for the coaching programs that Norma conducts. Based on 30 years of research, it is a proven method to raise self-awareness, self-confidence and authenticity. Become a coach, speaker or facilitator and share the value of authenticity to an international audience.


Talk with you about partnering on one or more projects. Norma is always interested in partners who share the values and vision. If our work is aligned and you see a way we can both benefit from a partnership, please Meet With Norma.

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International Speaker, Author & Coach

  • Pioneer in 3 industries
  • Founder and Author of Courses at Authenticity U
  • International Speaker and Coach
  • 30 Years researching human nature
  • Author of multiple human development programs
  • Owner of multiple human development companies
  • Creator of The Norma Hollis Authenticize Process™
  • Founder of the Authenticity Grid and
    Authenticity Assessment
  • First Black Woman to own a speaker bureau
    for Black Speakers
  • Advocate for early childhood education
    and children’s spirituality

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