Authentic Change starts from within

Authentic Change
starts from within


In life, everyone needs a little push. A little encouragement to move on from the past or start something new. But what if you could get that encouragement on a regular basis?

What if a coach could truly understand the authentic you and know what you need to excel in your personal and professional life? What if the life you've wanted could be triggered by tweaking one small thing?

With 30 years' experience and research in human nature, Norma Hollis has unlocked the key to helping others successfully alter their lives and transition out of the behaviors that restricted them their growth.

Whether you wish to become an authentic leader who inspires their peers, build your team, or simply want to make a change in your career, relationships or other transitions, Norma Hollis will take you under her guidance and show you the path to your destination.


Journey to Authenticity Starter Kit

Reclaim Your Authentic Life

Certification Programs

An online, self-paced program for you if you are new to the journey of self-awareness and Authenticity or curious about the program.
An 11-Week Group Coaching program to uncover Authenticity, deepen your experience with life, get closer to purpose and raise confidence.
For those who want to speak, coach, teach, or train Authenticity in your own practice and/or with our clients.

Amplify Your Authenticity Club

Go deeper on your authenticity journey by joining the Amplify Your Authenticity Club. The exclusive membership club is a chance to go deeper, learn more and connect with others on a similar path. You will have access to a great team of coaches and the Godmother of Authenticity herself, Dr. Norma Hollis. 

Take the next step on your authenticity journey.

The monthly membership group will help you continually grow in your authenticity and learn how to share who you are with the world. 

Membership includes:

  • 7-Video Journey to Authenticity Starter Kit
  • Continuing Education on Authenticity with a New Mini-Module released weekly
  • Monthly Video Chat with Dr. Norma Hollis, Chief Authenticity Advisor for The Norma Hollis Group
  • Free E-Book: Ten Steps to Authenticity
  • Access to Community Facebook Group
  • Discount pricing for time with The Norma Hollis Group coaches

All for only $37 per month.

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Reclaim Your Authentic Life



Most of us grow up considering what we want to do or be when we become an adult. 

Seldom do we focus on ‘WHO‘ we want to be. 

Now, as an adult, you may have found that doing what you wanted to do is not fulfilling.

Now it is time to focus on WHO you want to be.

That is what Authenticity is about.


What would your life be like if you had a practical system, available to you at all times, to guide you to work through any confusion or fear you might feel about being authentic?

A system to help you find and live ‘who’ you are, with Authenticity.

Now it’s time for you to discover the Authenticity Grid.

It’s a system to guide you on a journey inside yourself so you gain more clarity about yourself.

The Authenticity Grid is a foundational piece to embracing your Authenticity and living with purpose.

Our signature program “Reclaim Your Authentic Life” is an 11 week program where you will:

  • Learn more about yourself
  • Gain clarity on your purpose
  • Recognize confirmations about next steps
  • Get a new level of courage
  • Meet new heart-minded friends who will support you
  • Speak up more confidently
  • Discover how it feels to be authentic
  • Learn about the Authenticity Grid as a coaching tool
  • Go deeper with the Seeds of Self Inventories
  • Get new perspectives on yourself and your life
  • Leave inspired for the next phase of your journey

The Reclaim Your Authentic Life program costs $2750 with payment plans of $497 down and $247/month for 11 months.

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Agents of Authenticity

Finding, living, and sharing their authentic voice. We are speakers, coaches, authors, parents, teachers, and entrepreneurs who want to be a catalyst for positive transformation. We do this by learning and teaching concepts of the Authenticity grid as often as possible.

By becoming an Agent, we are learning to understand and share the Authenticity grid that took Norma 30 years to develop. We integrate our platform with Authenticity and offer coaching, presentations, and events to inspire others to be their authentic self.

As an Agent of Authenticity, you will gain in-depth information about the Authenticity grid, how to administer and interpret it, and its value in multiple environments.

This is a certification program with four levels of involvement. You can learn to be a facilitator, coach, trainer, or commissioner of the Authentic Voice System.

If you are seeking a network of people to interact with and have a passion to make a difference in the world, schedule a conversation with Norma and consider becoming one of the Agents of Authenticity.

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